Country attractiveness criteria


REGIONAL - Country attractiveness criteria


Southeastern Europe

    •    Sizeable market with a total population of 60 million.
    •    Stable political environment. Relatively low current debt and Government deficit levels.
    •    EU convergence potential
    •    Long-term growth higher than EU average.
    •    Re-emergence of intra-regional trade and brand recognition.
    •    Relatively cheap work force and low taxes..
    •    Current lack of credit and equity capital a clear opportunity.
    •    Large scale of ongoing privatization opportunities all over the region.


Greece has nearly completed 4 years of robust fiscal consolidation and structural reform programs supported by financial assistance from the Eurozone countries and the IMF.

Greece is now enjoying a primary budget surplus of 0.8% of GDP (2013, est) that will allow further actions in the country’s debt by and a balanced current account (2013, est).

Investment volumes decreased during the last 3 years due to the unprecedented economic crisis. The Greek market turned into a buyer’s market as a result of the lack of financing. The buyer interest that exists primarily comes from local private investors looking for bargain deals and distressed properties providing typically high returns on equity.

Greece has improved its fiscal account and is expected to restart economic growth in the next few years. New legislation favoring and encouraging foreign investments has been introduced.