KOKARI Ltd - Investment strategy


Investment strategy





Each of our hotels is a complicated, stand-alone business that services sophisticated customers , demanding nothing less than the highest level of asset management expertise that delivers top line revenues and drives bottom line profitability.


Agressive asset management and disciplined capital allocation is our core competency and our competitive advantage. We have a focused and disciplined long term strrategic plan to acquire high quality lodging assets in prime urban and resort locations which have the potential for significant capital appreciation. We seek to maximize investors returns through a combination of revenues growth, operational improvements and appreciation of the net asset value.


Our primary target is to enhance and expand our high end hotel portfolio. Our goal is to acquire luxury hotels in unique location with multiple revenue streams managed as mixed used assets.


We will take advantage of the significant discount on which some properties are priced (distressed market), achiev- ing superior investment returns and provide attractive long-term yields. We are intensively focusing on operation- al excellence. Our revenue management systems are focused on driving ADR.


As total RevPAR is for us key top line performance metric, we are focusing on maximizing RevPAR, non rooms reve- nue and EBITDA per room.

We are tightly controlling expenses including food and beverage procurement and labor management systems Assets are operated as complex, mixed use properties with significant ancillary revenue.

Our vision is to be the premier hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust in South Eastern Europe.